What we do:

Analytics and auditing, Audience development and personas, Dashboard creation, Influencer marketing, Keyword and psychographic research, Measuring in-market tactics,

Search & Analytics

Our Search & Analytics experts are strategic thinkers who know that collecting the right data is key to helping clients craft the most relevant content, and create user experiences that will help you achieve your marketing and business goals.

search and analytics

Locating and learning from your best audiences.

BNO can empower your search and social promotions, by finding and attracting the audiences that matter to your brand, and providing actionable recommendations to help optimize your brand’s marketing initiatives.

Search and social promotion – how we make it work for you

  • Reach your best audiences with keyword and psychographic research, identifying search behaviors and characteristics
  • Develop audiences across all stages of the conversion funnel
  • Identify key influencers and platforms where your audiences are active to maximize targeted reach
  • Monitor and optimize your brand’s search and social campaigns based on pre-determined KPIs/goals
  • Create tactical plans targeted to your audience at the right place and time

The measure (and optimization) of your success

  • Analytics implementation and auditing
  • Measurement criteria that guides the optimization of your marketing channels
  • Report and dashboard creation, highlighting performance of in-market tactics based on brand KPIs
  • Actionable recommendations to optimize even the most successful tactics

Discover how our Search & Analytics team can help you personalize content, streamline the user experience, and drive conversions for your business.