What we do

Advertising, AMA, AP, Chicago, and APA styles, Content Audit, Copywriting and editing, Labelling, Pharmaceutical Proofreading, Proof Verification, Style Guides, Translations, Version Control

Where we do it

Blog, Digital, Email, Packaging, Print, Web, Social Media

Editorial and Proofreading Services

In an era of instant communication and connection, editorial quality still matters. BNO’s proofreading team has a time-tested and rigorous process to ensure work is typo-free, factually accurate, on-brand, and ready to stand up to the challenge.

editorial services

Accuracy. Skills. Quality.

BNO’s proofreaders come from different areas of the editorial world – highly technical medical journals, consumer packaged goods, print production – yet all bring the same precision to the work we review. From the shortest text message to the most complex product websites and publications, we review to the highest editorial standard.

Let us help you make your projects stand out. We are intellectually curious and adhere to processes and guidelines developed to fit your needs.

Areas of expertise.

Editorial and Proofreading – We review all types of print work and digital media. Clear and concise markups ensure work is typo-free, grammatically correct, factually accurate, and on-brand.

Style Guides – We create editorial style guidelines for internal and external visibility, ensuring copy and visual elements are used consistently across promotional materials.

Digital QA – Our review of staging and live websites against final wireframes and copy documents can help insure against discrepancies between approved or updated copy and what appears on the final site.

Print Production Support – We provide the final quality check before a print run, making sure our client’s final PDF is not altered by outside-vendor processes.

Trusted for a reason.

BNO has been a trusted editing and proofreading partner for our clients for many years, providing the highest degree of quality, while being flexible and responsive enough to meet tight production deadlines.