What we do

Visual Design, Content Development, Pre-press, Layout, Lifecycle Management, Printer Management, Translations Management, Proofreading, Product Rendering, 3D Modeling, Product Photography

Where we do it

Cartons, Foil Pouches, Instructions for Use (IFU), Labels, Outserts, Package Inserts (PI), Tyvek

Packaging & Labeling

Our packaging team, including experienced account and project leads, along with talented graphic designers, offers specialized knowledge throughout every phase of a project – that means pre-press to brand presence to print production.

package design services

We do it all.

Package Design

Our designers can help gain the visibility and functionality your product needs, from the inside out. Our 3D concept modeling helps share the vision with your launch team. And our project management and production teams have you covered from initial concept and design, through med legal, to final print production. We’ve been a trusted packaging partner with Fortune 100 companies for more than 30 years, providing creativity and process management for your most demanding product packaging needs. Find out how we can do the same for you.

Lifecycle Management

Packaging and Labeling Lifecycle Management for the medical devices industry is a specialty service which requires a keen focus on prepress production process and quality assurance. The quality and accuracy requirements of the industry are valued in the millions of dollars, as they must meet FDA and CE regulatory requirements in the U.S. and European markets. Our 10+ years of work in this industry have allowed us to be deeply seated within our clients’ production processes, managing production workflows between their marketing and packaging teams as well as their network of over 35 print and translation suppliers. We manage all the digital assets for the primary and secondary packaging for our clients, with over 40,000 active files in over 36 languages, and we are responsible for providing an audit trail for all edits and versions for over 10 years of production.

A Little Something Extra

We provide product photography, renderings, bar coding, maintaining symbol libraries, brand guidelines and more. We also have many years of experience interfacing with medical, legal and regulatory teams for large and small clients in highly regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices and financial services.