Bring your unique gene

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Branding a culture of high performance.

In defining what makes a corporate culture successful, it takes honest introspection on the part of the Talent Acquisition team and real validation from the people who know it best – the employees. Through a series of employee focus groups, and brand perception and secondary candidate research, we established Celgene’s authentic value proposition – bring your unique gene.

This positioning is not only ownable, but true to the spirit of a company that invites and empowers employees to bring their unique attributes every day. From creative problem-solving to strategic thinking, Celgene allows them to shape the very processes that drive product development and their own career forward. The ability to innovate in every role comes through in the work they do. What that work means for patients. And how it’s expressed through authentic brand storytelling.

Bring your Innovative gene
Bring your Curious gene
Bring your Proud gene
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