Collagen Matrix

Visually echoing a pioneering and innovation storyline.

Collagen Matrix Branding

At the core of Collagen Matrix’s work is its belief that the human body has a natural ability to heal itself – and high-quality collagen and bone mineral provide the optimal biological environment for regeneration. But not all collagen is the same.

As pioneers in the collagen sector, Collagen Matrix needed to convey the quality and superior product innovation that differentiates its collagen within a highly competitive market – including why its design, development, and manufacturing could provide customers with lower-investment, lower-risk opportunities to enter the regenerative market segment. In addition, it needed to expand perceptions of its own capabilities and the overall potential of collagen technology by promoting the range of industry experience and product applications, which has “only scratched the surface.”

Our approach was to dive deeply into the key audience personas, developing targeted messaging that speaks not only to what Collagen Matrix does and how it does it, but also WHY – speaking to Collagen Matrix’s purpose on a deeper, more personal level. This message map now serves as the company’s foundation for all verbal communications by demographic. BNO refined visual elements from Collagen Matrix’s existing identity while creating a dynamic system of industry icons, helping customers immediately align the innovation required to envision their own future. 

Collagen Matrix Designed for Dental Soft Tissue Regeneration.

BNO refined core elements from the existing identity and created a dynamic library of visuals to create industry differentiation.

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We did a deep dive into the key audience personas, developing targeted messaging.

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