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Marlin - lending that works

Update and unify a brand for growth

Since 1997, Marlin Capital Solutions was initially known for “micro-ticket” lease financing. As time passed, their brand became siloed within this offering, leaving their other verticals without support. Wanting to solve this problem, Marlin was ready to evolve their brand and put themselves in a position for growth, to introduce new products and services directly to small business owners, and to compete in the growing fintech economy.

BNO.garfield created a new brand to be more relatable to the small business market. Jeff Hilzinger, Marlin Capital Solutions’ President and CEO said, “Marlin’s new logo incorporates a shape called the ‘spark,’ symbolizing the energy, capital and knowledge Marlin injects into small businesses, allowing them to grow and prosper. Our new website features videos with customers and partners reflecting on their relationship with Marlin and how the company helped them achieve their business goals. The new tagline, ‘Lending that Works,’ speaks to the helpful, agile, trustworthy, approachable, and informal voice behind the new brand.”

By capturing the gritty reality of small business, we gave the brand authenticity and personality that allowed Marlin to create strong personal connections, which in turn lead to more leads, conversations, visitors and established relationships.

Marlin website

Real customers and real stories were integrated in the new brand.

new logo and tag
new branded collateral
marlin's new website
marlin branded print and ads

“BNO.garfield took pains to make sure our values were reflected across the new brand, and you can really see that in the final result.”

Aswin Rajappa - CMO, Marlin Capital Solutions