Mastercard Installments


Content, Creative, Video

From complex to cozy—bringing an innovative flexible payment solution to life through an animated consumer journey

Mastercard Installments is a flexible payment solution that gives lenders and consumers the ability to automatically split purchases into equal, interest-free payments. It also offers extended payment terms to consumers, all using Mastercard’s acceptance network—enabling financial partners to deploy their own buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) solution with minimal integration.

Mastercard asked us to demonstrate how their innovative new product works, showcasing how the experience will benefit both consumers and trusted partners. To accomplish this, we take the viewer on a visually rich journey through the eyes of Rohan—a consumer on a mission to find the perfect sofa—while highlighting key benefits for lenders, merchants, and acquirers along the way.

The narrative of flexibility, simplicity, and security was conveyed using Mastercard’s own brand circles, which symbolize the connections that they make possible. We utilize these circles as a helpful animated pathway that guides Rohan (and the viewer) through the consumer experience—from consideration to the perfect purchase. The result is a fun yet sophisticated explainer video that simplifies a complex product offering, while differentiating Mastercard’s superiority in an ever-increasing field of BNPL competitors.

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