Mastercard Tap on Phone

consumer video agency

Using the power of video storytelling to bring small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) into the digital economy

With a direct focus on helping to bring micro and small businesses into the digital economy, Mastercard was looking to create an energetic and inspiring video for Tap on Phone – an innovative and low-cost contactless payment acceptance solution that would bring digital payments to a wider merchant base globally. But part of our objective was not just about educating SMEs about how Tap on Phone would allow them to benefit and thrive in pacing with customer needs and accepting an alternative to cash. Our video needed to help change SMEs’ perception that accepting payments other than cash was expensive and complex. We needed to instill confidence that Mastercard, an innovator in the developing the technology, could provide a solution that was safer, simpler, and smarter for everyone.

In just over a minute running time, the animated video needed to marry a complementing narrative and engaging visuals to sell several target audiences on a big story. That meant we had to understand our audience and the main benefits that would resonate most about a contactless payment solution. While punctuating the benefits, we also had to educate how the Tap works to showcase the ease of use and deliver the message to merchants that it was mutually effortless for businesses and customers to use. Our approach was to feature several real-world use cases that were simple to understand and would resonate with business owners universally. Using Mastercard’s branded assets and sounds, mixed with our unique approach to tap into marketing to the SME audience, our Tap on Phone animated video has been used across the company to persuade micro and small businesses to accept digital payments around the world.

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