Antares Pharma

Inspiring others with juvenile arthritis

brand advocacy drives brand awareness

Antares Pharma saw an opportunity to outthink its key competitor in the arthritis autoinjector category by focusing on building relationships with patients and caregivers. From insight through execution and promotion, Antares teamed up with BNO to create a branded campaign featuring 6-year-old, Evy, an Otrexup patient living with juvenile arthritis (JIA).

Evy was on a mission to disarm the anxiety around self-injection for other kids and adults – making her a natural brand advocate. To demonstrate ease-of-use, Evy and her mom starred in our instructional injection video, which launched the campaign. BNO also created promotional tactics, including paid search (PPC), targeted landing pages, and search engine optimization (SEO). Ultimately, we were able to help Antares significantly boost product sales, by showing the benefits of their autoinjector on a broader scale. The program also led to new partnerships and opportunities for the company.

18% increase in annual brand revenue

2016 & 2017

pharma brand advocacy marketing

30% of coupon prints delivered via paid search