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Branding New Jersey

The Nature Conservancy came to BNO with a compelling need. New Jersey is at a critical juncture where oversight of the State’s natural and cultural resources is a time-sensitive priority. There was an urgent story to tell, and an online data-driven platform to be promoted as part of a balanced solution to prevent misallocation of priority lands.

BNO did what it does best: clarify what brands do, synthesize a lot of material, simplify the ideas, and then prepare it in a way that people will be able to connect. The theme “NJ 2050” emerged as our North Star. Our creative included logo design, branding, print, website design, UX, social media, copywriting, as well as a centerpiece long-form video. BNO’s collateral and thinking enabled The Nature Conservancy to reach new audiences via print, web, social media and symposiums. We positioned a network of regional conversation groups to more effectively spread the word about new online tools, as well as energize their tireless supporters for years to come.

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NJ 2050 – storytelling to inspire action

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The Nature Conservancy Social Media