Bringing the Network Life – to life

Meet the tech V Teamers shaping the future inside the Network Life at Verizon

The next generation of tech innovators can find a diverse range of opportunities to explore within Verizon—and a supportive culture in which to do it.

Verizon turned to BNO to share the many ways candidates can change the world of tech as they take their careers to the next level. Our M.O.? Making sure the Verizon team members, aka V Teamers, were front and center, showing candidates why Verizon is the technology employer of choice.

After some pre-pro, storyboarding, and interviewing, we took to Verizon HQ in Basking Ridge, NJ, for a one-day video shoot. There, we captured real V Teamers’ stories, letting those personal stories bring the Network Life—well—to life.

The end result was a video that’s earned prime real estate at the top of the Verizon technology careers web page, welcoming one and all to tech life in the Network Life. The video will also be featured at events and shared across social channels, creating more opportunities to tell candidates: “You can do this. Go for it.”