Network Engineering Careers

Ensuring network performance, launching new tech, disaster remediation—the people who help make Verizon work

In an effort to expand its ranks and recruit quality candidates to join its Network Engineering team, Verizon needed a way to speak beyond basic benefits and create an emotional connection with talent for this competitive career area. To provide the most authentic glimpse into the role, BNO created a day-in-the-life video featuring a charismatic employee who could connect with job seekers in the most human way—by sharing personal insights into what drives and motivates him and his team members.

The video follows Saeed Baye, a Verizon Field Assurance Engineer, as he takes us on the road, candidly talking about what he loves most about his job. From the joy of being in the field to his ability to use his problem-solving skills, and the excitement of helping to launch new technologies like 5G, the video creates a relatable experience for potential candidates who want to understand what it’s really like to work at Verizon.

The campaign included a longer-form anthem video that is featured on the Field Operations & Technicians page of Verizon’s Careers site, as well as video “cut-downs” for a social series, and a photo shoot, which was leveraged for a range of event materials and candidate communications.