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Showing Our Loves

As storytellers, we love telling the inspirational, innovative, and involving stories of the brands we’ve come to love with clients and partners that make it all worthwhile.

This Valentine’s Day, we are sharing what we do for love beyond our love of being BNO designers, project managers, proofreaders, developers, artists, analysts, and writers.

Enjoy a glimpse into our true loves and “meet” the BNO’ers you find in your inboxes or on your conference calls each day. Take a three-minute tour of our team spending time with our families, hanging with co-workers, riding kiddie-coasters, playing music, and enjoying the great outdoors. You might even catch a special announcement (someone has a baby on the way!).

From our loves to yours –

Happy Valentine’s Day from your friends at BNO

Showing Our Loves from Baldwin & Obenauf on Brightcove.