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Super Bowl MVPs: Our favorite ads of 2020


Super Bowl LIV gifted us with one of the most entertaining games of the past few years – but unfortunately, not as entertaining an ad lineup. Still, we found a few standouts that caught our eye. Read on to find out which Super Bowl campaigns we’re still talking about after Kansas City’s big win.

Best all-around: Hyundai Self-Park

Capitalizing on an old joke to tell a new story? Using a bunch of Boston-born celebrities with outrageous Boston accents? A great new product? All of these things contributed to a slam dunk of an ad from Hyundai. Not only is the technology cool, but definitely remember the car that can “pahk itself in hahbuh yahd.”

Most touching: Google

Technology often gets a bad rep for keeping people apart or making them too absorbed in their phones. This Google ad flipped the script on that notion and showed us the great ways that technology can help us stay connected to those we love, even when they aren’t around. A truly poignant story, we all walked away remembering Loretta.

Funniest: Rocket Mortgage

Jason Momoa removing his muscles to reveal a scrawny, can-barely-lift-50-pounds physique? A little unsettling, but definitely funny and memorable. As one of the most-talked about ads of the night, it definitely made an impression. Our one complaint? Many people can’t seem to remember what it was selling.

Also Funniest: Bud Light Seltzer

Bud Light managed to get some pre-game buzz by releasing two ads, and having viewers vote on which one would air during the game. Little touches, like the face tattoos on the people working in Post Malone’s minds, and his spot-on delivery of “Got any pretzels?” made this one the winner, as well as a winner on gameday.

Also, also funniest: Doritos

We never expected Lil Nas X and Sam Elliot to cross paths, but these wildly different cowboys did just that in the Old Town Road-themed Doritos ad. Add in a “Cool Ranch” pun, a Billy Ray Cyrus cameo, and a dancing horse, and you have a delightfully funny ad that feels true to Doritos’ brand. Not to mention, the pre-game lead up was almost just as funny for anyone familiar with the break out song.

Best celeb appearance: Jeep

Re-making movies for an advertising concept isn’t new; Ferris Bueller had his shot in 2012. However, this Bill Murray’s return to Groundhog Day was an excellent use of old material, with the Jeep being the “new thing” that keeps him excited to get up as he returns to the same day over and over again.

Longest lasting: Tide

What better way to show you can wait longer to do laundry than to, well, wait? In addition to telling a full story over the course of the night, this ad featured cameos from well-known pop culture figures including the Bud Light Knight and Wonder Woman. The continued pop-ups from Charlie Day made for a delightful surprise throughout the night, and the product definitely made its point.

Most upsetting: Planters

Mr. Peanut’s demise took the internet by storm just a few days before the big game, promising a memorial for the beloved mascot during the third quarter of Sunday’s game. The reveal ended up being… strange, with The Kool-Aid Man’s tear watering the grave of Mr. Peanut and giving “birth” to Baby Nut. Not only does the name feel odd, but the attempt to capitalize on the baby trend fell flat. Sorry, Baby Nut. We’re sticking with Baby Yoda.