Platforms for career growth

What you find here—and within yourself—might just change the world

To inform and educate candidates and new hires on the relationships between Danaher, their Life Sciences and Diagnostics platforms, and the operating companies (OpCos) that comprise each, BNO developed two unique animated explainer videos. The videos position the strength of each platform and how they can ultimately contribute to an employee’s growth and success.

Each platform is composed of individual operating companies, providing innovative solutions that improve clinical outcomes and save lives. Previously, as job candidates pursued opportunities in Life Sciences or Diagnostics, they typically engaged with a single OpCo and were not aware of the robust platform supporting it, which provided a greater range of opportunities and career mobility. Research showed that offering candidates insights into this network of companies can be a valuable tool in attracting and securing talent. However, the story can be complicated to tell. To support the platform teams, BNO simplified the narrative—bridging the gap between platform and OpCos—with engaging, easy-to-understand stories.

The videos were among many tools that BNO developed as part of the platform rollout of the Wonder What’s Within employer brand campaign.