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BNO Social Strategies Go Global

What do evolving world demographic patterns, multinational corporate talent strategies, and the top 29 most popular social media channels have in common? They’re all challenges that can test the agility of global talent acquisition leaders.

They were also three aspects of the challenge that BNO put in front of an elite group of global talent acquisition leaders in Rome this year.

Future Forum is an exclusive private conference developed by the global research firm Potentialpark for their best clients. Potentialpark broke from tradition by inviting BNO to be the first agency partner to deliver a 90-minute workshop to this powerful group of business leaders. Our challenge was to develop an immersive and strategic experience on the topic of Global Social Media Strategy… (That’s exactly what we hoped they’d ask us to do)!

Because we all know how important an effective briefing can be, the BNO team set out to demonstrate what we call a “Power Briefing,” our process for rapidly connecting stakeholders with the compelling vision, purpose, structure, and data around a business challenge.

bno-blog_social_1Trista and Ray delivered a rapid-fire (20-minute) Power Briefing of the global environment, participation models, layers of strategy, and management models. Within a few minutes, the 45 workshop participants understood the concepts and structure of their challenge. A detailed dossier of social media demographics and a video from KALON CEO Brandon Tucker delivered the compelling vision and data behind the challenge.

bno-blog_social_2In this workshop challenge, participants were pre-selected into six diverse groups of about eight people. Each group represented a geographic region of KALON TECHNOLOGIES and was asked to spend 30 minutes to develop a regional strategy with corporate and regional collaborations. At the end of their 30-minute strategy session, two people from each group would have four minutes to summarize their recommendations to all participants.

That four-minute summary (our “Power Feedback” session) would help teams sell the most important aspects of their plans without extraneous detail. What Power Feedback delegates learned as they began to present was that KALON CEO Brandon Tucker wanted to join the workshop, via Skype, to hear everyone’s ideas.

bno-blog_social_3At the end of 90 minutes, (okay… it was 94 minutes) each of our six teams delivered some remarkably comprehensive and insightful Global Social Media strategies. CEO Tucker was so impressed that he paid a visit from his Skype terminal in the next room to congratulate each group in person.

The end result was a 90-minute immersive and engaging experience that helped prepare each of our 45 participants for their own real-world global strategy challenge.

“BNO’s understanding of the opportunities and challenges working in a global corporate framework were right on target. Great workshop!”

— Employer Branding Leader, Global Financial Services Firm

Engaging audiences in high-energy challenges is something the BNO team is proud to be good at. Whether it’s a group of 50, 150, or 1,500, we love to develop programs that inspire, innovate, and involve participants in a powerful learning experience.

If you’d like to learn more about planning your next experience, drop us an e-mail and we’ll set up some time to connect by telephone.

About Potentialpark:
Potentialpark is a Stockholm-based global talent research and consulting firm, which engages over 17,000 students around the world every year to measure and analyze how they use online communication channels to connect with employers.

KALON TECHNOLOGIES is a global technology enterprise that has been completely invented by BNO creative and strategy teams to deliver a highly realistic global-enterprise challenge for what we call our “Informed Fabrication Workshops.” 😉