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BNO Teams Up with Tim Howard and NJCTS to Launch “The GreaTS”

Together with Tim Howard and the NJ Center for Tourette Syndrome (NJCTS), we’re proud and excited to officially launch The GreaTS—a global awareness platform for Tourette Syndrome.

Developed by BNO on behalf of Tim Howard and the NJCTS, The GreaTS platform will build awareness and spark conversations around a disorder that is frequently misunderstood and misrepresented. More importantly, it will serve as a call to arms for the TS community—inspiring those with Tourette to step out from behind the shadow of their condition, and rallying others to support them in doing so.

Leading up to the official launch, The GreaTS kicked off during the “Team Up with Tim Howard” event, held June 4 at Rutgers University. There, Tim reconnected with his New Jersey roots amid hundreds of fans and friends—all gathered to celebrate and strengthen the TS community.

Speaking candidly, the World Cup star described The GreaTS not as an ordinary awareness campaign, but as a platform that is allowing people to see TS in a new light. “The good folks from BNO have started The GreaTS campaign,” said Howard, “[and] for the first time…in a long time, TS seemed cool; it seemed aggressive, and bold, and in your face.”

Throughout 2015 and in future years, The GreaTS will focus on helping individuals with Tourette—especially kids and teens—develop the confidence, leadership, and self-advocacy skills necessary to overcome the challenges of TS and find their own paths to personal greatness.

BNO President Trista Walker on the launch: “We consider it a gift and a privilege to work with Tim and the NJCTS to create this important platform, a movement, for TS. The GreaTS truly aligns with our mission to do work that innovates, inspires, and involves.”

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