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Welcome to Somerville. Where inspiration lives.

BNO has called a few central New Jersey towns home during our 36-year history. Originally we were located in Raritan, and then in Bridgewater; and our current digs are right here in the heart of Somerville. It’s a town I like to call “Paris on the Raritan.”

While comparisons to the City of Light might be a bit overblown, I think I speak for my fellow colleagues when I say that Somerville is not only a fantastic place to work, but one of the fastest-growing and most pleasant small cities in our great state.

The Somerville story…

Somerville hit its stride in the pre-Civil War era. Its riparian location along the Raritan River, and inclusion as a depot on the Pennsylvania Railroad, made it a vital cog in the economic engine that helped grow America. This importance is still reflected today, in the modern railroad station linking Somervillians with New York City.

Somerville’s past and present history is also one of great diversity, and that is evidenced today by a virtual United Nations of restaurants. Lunch or dinner time – BNOers can choose from a dizzying array of options, including Indian, Greek, Costa Rican, Korean, Italian, Thai, Cuban, Filipino, and Japanese cuisine.

The town has also bucked the trend of vacant storefronts; Main Street features fitness studios, hobby shops, pubs, music stores, and three vintage stores full of bric-a-brac and objets d’art – all “mom-and-pop” operations. The ubiquitous Starbucks aside, you’ll have to work hard to find a chain store in Somerville.

…became our story.

As an agency, what inspires us most about Somerville is its renaissance, illustrated by the massive campaign to bring in a new and diverse array of businesses and make the town center an exciting place to shop, dine, and just hang out. Because those who know us, also know our love of a great story. And Somerville’s long history of invention and reinvention, and its importance as a community hub, dovetail perfectly with the BNO pillars.

Innovate. Inspire. Involve.

By Matt Dubno