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All Our Colors:
BNO Celebrates the Power of Pride

BNO staff showing their pride.

At BNO, we believe that Pride Month is a reason to rejoice. That’s why we asked colleagues from coast to coast to share what Pride Month means to them. From love, joy, and self-expression to belonging, community, and acceptance, their thoughts are as diverse as the colors of the Pride flag. Hear what they have to say and see them boldly share their Pride!

“Affirmation that people can be themselves and not worry about what others think.”

– Scott Greisler, Client Services

The PR Team in the Philadelphia office with the 3i monster.

“It means being proud of who you are.”

– Jordan Ryan, Production

Jordan holding the 3i Monster.

“When you’re a minority among a majority, it’s easy to miss the fact that you have MANY friends, allies, and fellow LGBTQ+ people all around you. Pride is my chance to make sure that my support shines brightly, loudly, and proudly!”

– Kofi Bonner, Production

“My family and I celebrate by going to Pride parades and events to strengthen our involvement in the LGBTQ+ community. We celebrate to remind our children, family, friends, and everyone that our desire to push for more acceptance and more love is an ongoing part of our lives.”

– Kofi Bonner, Production