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The science – and art – of Creative ROI

Creativity has often been called a fickle mistress and famously hard to quantify. So, one session in particular at the recent ANA B2B Virtual Marketing Conference sparked considerable interest among our colleagues at BNO.

The topic was ROI on Creative, with the premise that strategic creative is the biggest financial opportunity in B2B marketing today. The speaker, Jon Lombardo, Global Lead of LinkedIn’s B2B Institute, presented the financial case for developing powerful creative.

Lombardo referenced recent studies that have found that “powerful” creative is actually 10 to 20 times more sales effective than “mediocre” creative, citing the multiplier effect it can have on marketing budgets.

In one study, over 40,000 ads in a database were run through research panels, with people rating the ads on a star scale. They found that 77% of ads scored just one star, which means the ads were lacking the creative and connective power needed to grab attention, make an impression, and influence purchase behavior. 

A 1-star ad only generated <0.25% points of market share growth, while the 4-star and 5-star ads generated 3% greater market share. That’s 10x more sales

Here at BNO, we’ve seen that powerful creative is both a business imperative and a competitive advantage. And that a strong strategic foundation empowers our design and content teams to develop creative that drives ROI. 

We start by immersing ourselves in our client’s business, conducting research and digging into data. This process informs the brand strategy and enables us to create customer experiences that excite, resonate, and most importantly, demonstrate the heart of a brand.

In the competitive Pharma arena, creating customer experiences that meet both the needs and expectations of patients is more important than ever.  That’s why we approach research as a patient first and as a marketer second. This focus on the customer experience helps us carve out a unique space in the marketplace for our clients, increasing brand share, loyalty, and ROI.

See how BNO can apply science and art to drive your Creative ROI.