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BNO World Premiere: MasterCard at the Speed of Life

Mobile World Congress is an annual gathering held in Barcelona, Spain for the mobile industry and related industries. If you’re in mobile, or a business sector that supports mobile, #MWC16 is the conference to attend. In-depth coverage of the mobile industry is offered, highlighting specific areas of growth, as well as discussion of the latest technological developments, next-generation services and growth strategies. Thought leaders from the most important companies in mobile and adjacent industries will be represented across the four-day event.

That said, you can imagine how exciting it was for BNO to work with our client, MasterCard, to create an impactful video to display at their booth experience during this globally followed event.

MasterCard’s Objectives
The video needed to generate attention and engage passersby. Additionally, MasterCard needed to shed light on how they are expanding the boundaries of payments now, as well as their vision for the future – conveying that MasterCard is a company driven by sophistication in consumer behavior and innovation in technology.

BNO’s Strategic Approach
Innovation answers the needs of real people and gives them solutions they didn’t know they needed – allowing consumers to do things in a way they never imagined before.
MasterCard is innovating interactions using technology to turn the things we use every day into safe and secure payment-enabled devices. To bring this idea to life, we utilized a driving beam of light to illustrate the presence of MasterCard’s innovative interactions effortlessly enhancing the journey of a connected consumer moving about her day. The beam (representing MasterCard) leads our hero through a journey, enabling every device to make safe and secure digital payments without her missing a beat.