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BNO Takes you Inside SXSW 2016

The BNO crew is off to SXSW Interactive and Film. If you’re a digital marketer, early adopter, inventor, creator, entrepreneur-type, or film and music disruptor, SXSW is your mothership (calling you home).



The SXSW festival aligns with the BNO vision to innovate, inspire, and involve. Being at SXSW during this important time in our history will help us identify ways to shift mindsets and immerse ourselves in world-changing technology innovations that will drive 21st century brand success. Our BNO crew will be in Austin, at SXSW, from March 11 to March 15 exploring the latest trends.

Check out some of the concepts we’ll be tuned into:

1. Self-Driving Cars – the ultimate wearable
You might think this is years away, but it’s not. These self-driving cars will be hitting the road, but what does that mean for you? More time to look out of the window and relax – who are we kidding? It means we’ll have more time to be connected, which translates to huge opportunities for marketers to tap into consumers and enhance their trip to the store, work, school, and events.

How will marketers be able to hitch a ride with consumers?

  • Location targeting to create “suggestions” on what to do and where to go do it
  • Personalized messaging that taps into user preferences, routing, and where you’re going
  • Real time in-vehicle (VOOH) ads with messaging triggers associated with the next exit, where DOOH ad may be forgotten

At SXSW on this topic:
Intro to new transportation system: Crowdsourcing the Hyperloop
Google Self-Driving Car Project

2. SXSW to debut “Robot Ranch”
Scary or useful – maybe both… SXSW is placing humanoid-machines in a “pen” for attendees to view and interact with. Maybe making the concept of robots a little more “lighthearted” is on purpose, as many people feel that AI and robots will help push us into a Robot Armageddon.

At SXSW on this topic:
Robots and the Internet of Everything
Robot: Man’s Best Friend
Your Future Life with Robots: Explained

3. Wearables – fashion, data, fully connected
So you have a Fitbit, a smart watch, or maybe even a connected ring—they give us bite-sized morsels of news, a quick tap when you need to get up and “move,” or access to our wallets when our hands are full. Most importantly, these “accessories” provide a lot of data that can help industries be smarter about how they respond to our needs – creating opportunities for two-way data sharing can allow for a truly integrated existence. So how do we get people to be fully immersed with these devices? For starters, by creating apps and user experiences that make sense in the wearable space.

At SXSW on this topic:
Wearables in Health: In Theory and in Practice
Leveraging Human Data from Wearables
Internet of You: Wearables and Under-Skin Marketing

4. VR and Augment Reality – the breakout technology of 2016
With Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement that VR could become the next social platform – and mainstream audiences gaining access to VR viewers and apps that support the new technology – we know the buzz surrounding these two concepts will be huge at SXSW.

At SXSW on this topic:
Five Ways AR Will Change the World
New Advertising Models for Virtual Reality

5. Civic Engagement – a community builder and idea machine
This is a big year for SXSW – for the first time in the 30-year history of the festival, a sitting president will address attendees. Bigger than that is the topic being explored – civic engagement. President Barack Obama will call on an audience of the brightest creators and early adopters to apply their ideas and talents to make technology work for us – especially when it comes to tackling big challenges like increasing participation in the political process, fighting climate change, and encouraging social good.
President Barack Obama’s keynote will be at Dell Hall on Friday, March 11 at 2:30 pm – live streaming of the address will be available at

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One thought on “BNO Takes you Inside SXSW 2016

  1. Things hit up so far today:
    • Adobe Project Comet reveal (a wireframing tool with built in prototyping/animations and integrated sharing; complete with a restful API)
    • Scott Belsky, founder of Behance, speaking about what makes successful product design (answer is: appeal to human tendencies, not logic)
    • Capitol One’s session on disrupting banking (Capitol One is opening up a bunch of secure, restful API’s to promote third party banking apps that tap into their data)

    Couple meetups planned for the rest of the day. Lots of notes taken!

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