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Good CX Delivers Better Outcomes for Customers, Employees, and Organizations

A collage of multiple BNO employees in various locations, outings and events throughout the year.

It’s more than just a headline—it’s also the 2023 CX Day theme. And we’re pretty fired up about it! Our friends at the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) said it best:

“Good CX doesn’t just happen. It requires consistent leadership support for intentional work led by dedicated, skilled CX professionals.”

This year’s theme presented the perfect opportunity to make good use of both my CEO and my CCXP hats. Keeping in mind that this year’s celebration will focus on “the imperative for CX to contribute to a better world by making a positive, sustainable difference not only for an organization’s bottom line, but also for customers, employees, and organizations,” we created a list of 10 ways to practice and promote great CX that are simple yet meaningful. In an email to all BNO staff, I asked them to select at least one of the following activities and JUST DO IT this October!

Want to CX along with us? Join us in implementing one of these activities and drop us a note afterwards to share your experience. What did you learn? How did it feel? What was the result?

Icon of a megaphone. 1. Advertise Great CX

Use your socials or your influence to give a shout-out to a brand that delivered a great experience for you! Help that brand spread positive word of mouth (WoM) to show them that their CX efforts truly matter.

Icon of a person holding a heart shape. 2. Appreciate a Customer.

Make a customer’s day in a big or small way! Send them an appreciation email, invite them to lunch or coffee, tell them on your next call what you love most about working with them, deliver something ahead of schedule, or give them a little something extra. The quick and easy ways to surprise and delight are endless—use your creativity!

Icon of a supportive colleague. 3. Thank a Colleague

Do you work with a team or are you in a leadership role? Thank a member of your team for all they do for your internal and/or external customers. Notice something they did to make the customer, team, or your experience just a little bit brighter. Be as specific as you can with your thanks.

Icon of a speech bubble of positive messages. 4. Give Feedback

Got a brand survey sitting in your inbox from a recent brand experience that you never filled out? (We all got ’em!) Give the gift of feedback—whether positive or constructive. Be thoughtful. Be specific. Make it actionable. What should the brand stop, start, or continue in order to improve your experience?

Icon of three people asking for feedback. 5. Ask for Feedback

When was the last time you asked a colleague or a customer to share something you could do to make their day a little bit brighter? We have a ritual in our leadership meetings at BNO to pointedly ask one another to share examples of behaviors that help the team and hurt the team. This is not only helping us to improve our collaborative experiences, but it has also made us closer as a team.

Icon of a pencil and ruler. 6. Act on Feedback.

Think about your most recent customer feedback or performance review. Make a commitment to act on that feedback, even if it’s in a very small or incremental way.

Icon of a person reaching the peak of a mountain. 7. Try a New Experience.

In the mood to try something new this month? Reward a brand that has earned great customer reviews by giving it your business. Become somebody’s new customer based on other customers’ rave reviews! (And of course, give feedback afterwards!)

Icon of an open present. 8. Give a Great Experience.

Give the gift of a great experience to a friend, colleague, or family member. Tell the person what you loved about the experience and why you thought they would love it too. It’s surprisingly simple to make someone else’s day in a small way with a coffee, a treat, or a coupon while rewarding a deserving brand with your positive WoM (and your dollars!).

Icon of a person having an idea. 9. Reflect On CX Impact.

Take a moment to think about the best experiences you can recall—as a customer OR a colleague. Come up with three to five examples and write down what made those experiences special. Reflect: What did you learn about the value of great CX?

Icon of a hand holding a star. 10. Sharpen Your CX Chops.

Lastly, invest in CX learning! Interested in learning more about how to create exceptional experiences? Want to become a pro? Register for our CX workshop in Philly on October 24.

Register for our CX workshop here! We’d love to meet you.