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BNO Takes you Inside SXSW 2016

The BNO crew is off to SXSW Interactive and Film. If you’re a digital marketer, early adopter, inventor, creator, entrepreneur-type, or film and music disruptor, SXSW is your mothership (calling…

Virtual Reality is Gen-Z’s Reality

Are you ready for Immersive Talent Attraction? Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg walked onto the stage at the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona and catapult Virtual Reality (VR) into the…

What you need to know about #MWC16 – Day Three

Day three at Mobile World Congress 2016 focused on mobile transformation, IoT platforms, digital inclusion, wearables, robots, and humanitarian connectivity.   I started my day by spending a few hours…

Privacy & Data Protection Training

The challenge: Create an exciting, interactive, and “creepy” training experience that drives home the importance of Data Privacy at MasterCard. Mandatories: 20 minutes or less in overall course length SCORM-compliant…

BNO Social Strategies Go Global

What do evolving world demographic patterns, multinational corporate talent strategies, and the top 29 most popular social media channels have in common? They’re all challenges that can test the agility…