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The Results Are In: Great CX Can Be Remarkably Simple (Yet Meaningful!)

Graphic of five best practices for CX.

If you read last month’s THR3i blog, you know that we were fired up by the Customer Experience Professionals Association’s (CXPA) 2023 CX Day theme: Good CX Delivers Better Outcomes for Customers, Employees, and Organizations. Not only do we wholeheartedly agree, but we also saw it as an opportunity to highlight the relationship between employee and customer experiences. Our challenge to BNO staff: Select a CX best practice and create a “moment that matters” during the month of October.

Research shows that companies excelling in customer experience have 1.5 times more engaged employees than those with poor customer experience records. Additionally, 79% of employees at companies with above-average customer experience scores are highly engaged in their jobs, compared to 49% of those in companies with average or below-average customer experience scores. Business units with employee engagement and connection scores in the top 25% had 10% stronger customer metrics, supporting the idea that high employee engagement leads to better customer experiences (source: Future of Work).

Naturally, the BNO team grabbed the challenge by the horns (they always do!). Below are a few of the experiences they shared. Some names and brands have been withheld for confidentiality.

Thank a Colleague

“I wanted to share something I sent to a teammate today on her one-year anniversary. Sometimes it’s hard to acknowledge our direct reports because, as leaders/managers, we are very busy and have our own initiatives and priorities to attend to. However, the health of our teams often comes from simple praises and letting them know that you see them, and that they truly are valued. I felt that she truly deserved a special something due to her extensive efforts, so I ordered a gift card for a treat near her home and designed a little special something to communicate to her how much I appreciated all that she does.”

– Stephanie Widrig, Creative Director

Appreciate a Customer

“I run my own crochet Etsy shop and I normally include hand-written notes when I send out my packages, but I was inspired to spruce it up a bit more with some confetti so my customers have an even better experience! 😊”

– Andrea Hunter, Account Executive

Andrea Hunter, left, and a hand-written note to one of her crochet Etsy shop customers.

Expressing a little appreciation can go a long way in CX.

Give Feedback

“I have been pushing a healthcare provider survey to the bottom of my to-do pile for almost three months now. Our CX Day initiative prompted me to complete it this morning. When I pulled out the survey, I saw that I had written on the back of my discharge papers the name and position of each of the staff members that I encountered during my hospital stay. I remembered that I wanted to be sure I mentioned each of them by name. Why hadn’t I completed the survey sooner? Every one of these people assisted somehow in my care, and they deserved to know how much I appreciated them and all that they did for me. I will be visiting the same facility again soon and will be sure to fill out the survey!”

– Karen Howell, Proofreader

Ask for Feedback

“Our team met for a ‘Team Effectiveness’ session today. We shared the ways each one of us helps the team and where we need to improve our behavior. We all went around the room and shared. We don’t want the experience to stop here, so we’re going to think of ways to create follow-ups to the session—keep the dialogue going.”

– Christine Sainato, VP Client Engagement

BNO staff members at a “Team Effectiveness” session.

Asking for and addressing feedback is key in every CX interaction.

Advertise Great CX

“I read a lot of text on a daily basis. This week I shared my thoughts with the brand team about an impressive piece of creative when I saw it. The writing just flowed. I think I can definitely carry this through this month and include artwork as well.”

– Diana Ford, Proofreader

Sharpen Your CX Chops

Last but not least, BNO staff capped off the month of October with our newest workshop: Next Gen CX: Leveraging Brand Promise to Create Competitive Advantage. A dozen BNOers spent half of a day presenting, moderating, or learning new CX skills while collaborating with BNO clients and friends of BNO to create “signature” experiences. Some also attended the Uber Events 2023 CX Marketing Summit following the workshop. (Read the recap.) The workshop, which earned a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 50, also provided us with the perfect opportunity to apply other best practices, including giving a great experience, appreciating our customers, asking for and acting on feedback, and more!

A collage of moments from the Uber Events 2023 CX Marketing Summit. A collage of moments from the Uber Events 2023 CX Marketing Summit.

Bringing the CX process to life during BNO’s Next Gen CX workshop.

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