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AI in TA? Here’s why we pinky swear you’re not doomed

Pictures of the 2023 IAMPhenom Conference in Philadelphia

Whether it frightens you, delights you, or a little bit of both, AI has made it to the world of Talent Acquisition. BNO attended the IAMPHENOM 2023 conference to see what this means for us and our clients.

Whether it frightens you, delights you, or a little bit of both, artificial intelligence (AI) is here—like here, in our very own world of Talent Acquisition.

To see what the recent leaps in AI could mean for us and our Employer Branding clients, BNO’s Scott Greisler, Vice President of Client Engagement, headed to Philadelphia, PA, for the IAMPHENOM 2023 conference to join 1,500 HR specialists, recruiters, and talent acquisition pros, all ready to share their vision of an AI-powered HR world.

To quell any human vs. machine-dystopian-science-fiction images that may or may not be coming to mind, we’re sharing some hopeful highlights on how AI can be harnessed to hire people instead of replacing them.

Picture of audience at 2023 IAMPhenom Conference

Who’s the Boss?

You know what they say: If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

In this case, ‘em = digital transformation, and experts agree that it’s changing the ways we work. As one speaker put it, it’s the “new electricity.” In other words, AI will completely alter the working world, whether we like it or not.

Still with us? We know we promised to hush the Matrix-esque nightmares, so here’s the good news: Machine intelligence is still no match for human intelligence when it comes to critical thinking, creativity, and good old intuition. This means that recruiters will still need to be able to talk to real-life people in order to use their best judgement, so rest easy.

For the People, by the People

While cold, hard automation isn’t going to replace warm bodies, there are some positives that industry professionals could glean if they get comfortable using technology to streamline processes. This becomes particularly critical when you think about the potential deluge of data that AI can generate.

Keeping the overload at bay requires new capabilities and new software, but the benefits can mean big things for your biz.

Which brings us to another important detail: the big cost that comes with the big benefits. There’s no doubt that AI has some awesome tools to offer, but being a work in progress, these tools are at a premium.

The silver lining? Adoption of AI is still relatively slow. This gives companies time to really plot out the most efficient ways to integrate AI into their operations.

Plus, as the world gets more acquainted to our new machine friends, AI cost is expected to decline 70% every year, becoming more scalable and accessible as time goes on.

Picture from IAMPhenom Conference presentation

Career Site Unseen? Look to the Data

Maybe you, along with many others in the realm of Talent Acquisition, are thinking something along the lines of, “What the heck do we do now?,” especially if you’ve already invested time and resources into the tools you’re currently using.

The short answer is: It depends. The long answer is that your current tools can still work for you, so long as they’re being used to give potential candidates the best experience possible. If you’re wondering where to start, look no further than your career site.

Not only is your career site the first point of contact between you and the candidate, it’s also a very powerful branding tool. Major bonus? It’s measurable. This is where AI can help by analyzing visitor data in order to guide how you present yourself in acquisition messaging.

Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Talk A-bot

The IAMPHENOM 2023 conference confirmed what’s been top of mind for many of us: AI is already transforming the talent ecosystem.

But what was perhaps less expected were the many ways this technology can be successfully integrated into operations to maximize efficiency, while also providing a better experience for employees and candidates alike.

While we can’t promise you a future void of robot battles or computer takeovers, we can promise to help you make the most of ever-evolving technology to make your brand stand out as a key player to potential candidates. If you’re looking for tech-informed employer brand marketing with a human touch, check us out.